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Development of Tibetan studies: Written Tibetan language and education
    Date:04-22-2011 Source:Xinhuanet Author:    

Here lies the two major subjects of the Tibetan studies, commanding extremely important significance for cultural undertakings and economic development in Tibet.

    From the 1950s to the 1960s, efforts were made to survey the written language work in Tibet in large scale. This laid a solid foundation for the establishing and development of the written Tibetan language subject. Research into the written Tibetan language gained fresh ground in the 1980s and thereafter. Many works on phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and written script have been published. Influential ones include Outline of the Chinese and Tibetan Languages. In its Chapter Tibetan Language, the author-Hu tan-explains in great detail the phonetics, grammar, vocabulary of the ancient Tibetan language and characteristics. On this basis, Hu Tan explains the difference and similarity of the three Tibetan dialects. The Tibetan-Chinese Dictionary is one of the most important dictionaries ever published. It takes in 53,000 entries related to grammar, history, geography, poems, symonyms, Buddhism, logic, medicine, calendaring, documents in old Tibet, feudal legal codes, folklore, farming, livestock breeding, building, garments, corvee and taxation. It also takes in special terms related to modern life, which the author has gathered in social life and production. Public opinion hails it as very important product of Tibetan studies.

    With regard to education, the present is linked up with the past. In the past, the Tibetan received education in monasteries which used Tibetan Buddhist classics as teaching materials. The Monastery Education in China's Tibet, authored by Zhou Runnian and Liu Hongji, tells of the birth and development of Tibetan education in monasteries, the organizational structure, system, teaching content and education in monasteries of the Bon religion. Public opinion hails it as the first book which studies monastery education in a fairly systematic way. The Concise History of Education in Modern and Contemporary Tibet is a two-volume book, respectively on modern (1840-1919) and contemporary (1919-1949) education. In the field of contemporary education, many papers have been published to discuss educational reform, modernized education, traditional education, bilingual education, teaching methods, teaching materials middle and primary school education, and education in teachers' school and universities. The Research Into Education in Tibet compiled by Gen Jinsheng and some others is a collection of 36 academic research papers, investigation reports and research reports, which discuss outstanding issues in modern education in Tibet. The Education in Tibet is a book with 15 chapters. Authored by Dorje Cedain, the book devotes one-third of its spaces to the development of Tibetan education in a period from the ancient to modern times before discussing Tibetan education in the contemporary period. The book contains rich data and facts to support theory and conclusion with regard to contemporary education in Tibet.

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