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Invading British force occupied Lhasa
    Date:08-04-2011 Source:tibet.cn Author:    

On Aug 3, 1904, the invading British forces penetrated further and occupied Lhasa, capital city of southwest China's Tibet region.

It was a day of indelible shame as the British invaders swept the holy city with a brutal plunder, taking away large quantities of precious culture relics and scriptures.

One month later on September 7, the invading British forced the signing of the unequal Great Britain and Tibet Convention, symbolizing the complete defeat for the Tibetan side in British force's second invasion.

The 1904 invasion began in the context of the imminent Japan-Russian War. Taking advantage of the pending war, the British government started its incursion into Tibet by approving the British-Indian forces to cross the Chumbi Valley and march towards Gyangze, the southwest gateway area of Tibet on November 6, 1903.

On December 10, 1903, led by Brigadier-General James Ronald Leslie Macdonald, over 2000 well-equipped British soldiers crossed the Chelilha Mountain and thus began the second incursion into Tibet after the 1888 invasion.

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