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Violent tendency of Dalai clique gains support from Western forces
    Date:03-05-2012 Source:tibet.cn Author:    

An signed article by Yiduo was published this morning, seriously criticizing the Dalai clique's incitation of more violent separatist acts among innocent Tibetans.

The article said "Early this year, several self-immolation and violent vandalistic incidents were reported in certain places of Tibetan areas in some provinces. Imaginably, this has stimulated the Dalai clique again. "

"Excited as they were, the Dalai clique spared no efforts in exaggerating 'the intensity in Tibetan areas'. In the meanwhile, they initiated a 'supporting' 'global candlelight night' on Feb 8, threatened all Tibetans 'not to celebrate the Losar New Year', and they even canvassed western countries to send 'truth observation delegation' for 'investigations' in Tibetan areas."

The month of March is coming, and the Dalai clique again starts their annual routine to drum for another round of "Tibetan uprising", hoping to delude innocence for "more bloody incidents".

Although there is nothing new about such actions that fewer people follow overseas, closer attention and caution should still be paid as the Dalai clique tends to expose more extremism and terrorism in their separatist attempts, the article said.

The Dalai clique's exile life depends on the support from the US and some Western forces. If the clique cannot disturb the stability the Tibetan-inhabited areas, it won't offer an excuse for the western forces to interfere in China's internal affairs and restrain China's development. Therefore, it cannot receive funds from the West and is likely to lose its vitality.

Fully aware of this condition, the Dalai clique has speeded up its lobbying for "paying close attention to the tense situation in Tibet". The new head of "government-in-exile" has begged piteously that "the Australian government or US government sent delegations to investigate the incidents taking place in Tibet" during an interview with the local media of Australia.

The "government-in-exile" has put forward "seven-point urgent appeal" in the statement of Losar, in which the first two points were "China retreating its army from Tibetan-inhabited areas" and "allowing representatives of independent personages to investigate in Tibetan-inhabited areas".

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