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New head of Dalai clique instigates violence in China
    Date:03-05-2012 Source:tibet.cn Author:    

Last year, the Dalai Lama publicly announced to "retire" from political affairs and grant the "government-in-exile" which he claimed it was chosen by the people with power to deal with all affairs. It was actually a trick for him to earn more time and energies to pull the strings from behind the scenes as well as seek international support.

A power struggle thus emerged inside the Dalai clique.

Some started making troubles in China to please the Dalai Lama in order to consolidate their positions, resulting in an sharp increase of violent incidents in China.

As for the new ringleader of the "government-in-exile", it is another joke. Upon assuming office, Losang Sumgon said in a public speech that"'Tibetan Independence' is our target and principle while 'Tibetan Autonomy' is the realistic goal,” giving his master no leeway.

In an interview on January 21 this year, he declared:"I am now new political leader of all Tibetan people as soon as the Dalai Lama handed over his right to me....", making nothing of any other figure in his clique. 

On the first day of the traditional Tibetan New Year(Losar), he urged all overseas Tibetans not to celebrate Losar, but went to the monastery to pray for the victims instead.

When taking an interview with the Associated Press on February 14,  the man told the world:"In the coming February 22, it may occur an 'uprising' like what happened on March 10, 1959. Many Tibetan people will protest on the street." However, nothing had happened in the past one week. I suggest Losang Sumgon wake up from his dream as soon as possible.

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