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 History & Truth
Tibet Separatists Activities
·Violent tendency of Dalai clique gains support from Western forces
·Tibetan separatists release false info to incite violence
·Advocacy of self-immolations exposes Dalai clique's anxiety
·New head of Dalai clique instigates violence in China
·Why lamas keep taking the lead in each riot in Tibet?
·4 "Tibet independence" advocates detained in Canberra after clash with police
·Tibetan separatists clashed with Nepali police
·Nepali police arrest over 450 Tibetan separatists
·Chief Tibet separatist clamors for suicide attacks to seek "Tibet independence"
·"Tibet independence" activists try to storm Chinese embassy in India
·Riots make life even harder in China's poor west
·Questions and answers about the course of recent Dalai-backed riots
The Historical Truth
·What marks peaceful liberation of Tibet?
·Q&A: Tibet and the Chinese Revolution of 1911
·Origin of the titles Dalai and Panchen
·Story of Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng
·Where would Divine King go?
·Ancient people move above 5,000 meters
·Snapshots of serfs' life in old Tibet
·Old Tibet: women listed lowest in social status
·Social status of Dalai Lama in old Tibet
·Why the Dalai Lama could hold religious, political power in old Tibet?
·Invading British force occupied Lhasa
·Sakya Monastery witnesses relationship between Tibet and the Central Government
·17-point agreement paved the way to progress
Dalai & Bainqen
·Is the 14th Dalai Lama really merciful?
·Dalai Lama's announcement of "retirement" a farce, living buddha says
·What's in Dalai Lama's mind?
·14th Dalai Lama criticized for self claiming "100% Indian"
·The Dalai Lama: "son of India" followed by a squad of "grandsons of India"
·Dalai Lama becoming less relevant worldwide
·Dalai Lama's remarks confound black with white
·Misjudgments by "wise" Dalai Lama
·Dalai Lama's lies, western bias
·Dalai Lama provokes foreign media to challenge China
·What is Dalai Lama's intention of meeting with Obama?
·Foreign media: what damage will Obama-Dalai meeting cause?
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 Editors' Picks
·Over 100,000 Tibetan antelopes migrate for lambing
·Tibetan delegation visits Australia
·"Litaqin" ceremony held in Tibet's Tsurphu Monastery
·Tibetan delegation visits South Korea
·Tibetan cultural exchange delegation visits Denmark
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