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Ngari's 2rd livestock products trade fair
    Date:12-08-2016 Source:chinatibetnews.com Author:Zhu Shan    

Dec. 8, 2016 -- Ngari's 2rd livestock products trade fair opened on Dec. 1 in Sengye Tsangpo township. The fair lasted five days.

"We took 500 goats and six cows to the fair. All our cows were sold out within just three days" , said Renchen Wangchuk, a villager of Rutok County. In the fair, his goats and cows sold well and quickly. Previously, one goat only was sold at less than 800 yuan (116 U.S. dollars) while now it is sold at about 900 yuan (130 U.S. dollars).

Winter is a peak sales season for Ngari's beef and mutton. However, there was no settled exchange in Ngari until the launch of trade fair. The 1st livestock products trade fair was held last year, aiming at promoting the interflow of commodities and increasing the local income. The second livestock products trade fair is larger than the previous one in terms of scale, product quality and participation. There are 11 businesses taking part in the fair with over 70 sales booths. The products in the trade fair include beef, mutton, vegetables and handcrafts.

Renchen said that before the launch of trade fair, farmers needed to go to the county for sales. It is not convenient for people living far from the county. Nowadays, the local government not only provides free sales booths but also subsidizes the traffic costs, which greatly enhances farmers' enthusiasm to participate in the trade fair.

Sangmo, a resident of Sengye Tsangpo township, said that she bought 20 goats in the trade fair. The products in the trade fair enjoy excellent quality and reasonable prices.

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