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Total foreign trade volume of Gyirong Port soaring by 44.73 times in first three quarters
    Date:12-02-2016 Source:chinatibetnews.com Author:Megan    

Dec. 2, 2016 -- As the process of ports' development and opening up is accelerating, the advantages of land route trading ports have come out gradually. The border small-scaled trade volume of Gyirong Port soars by 4.74 times compared with that in 2015, realizing 894 million yuan's total foreign trade volume, according to the information released from Lhasa Customs Agency recently.

The foreign trade volume has been increasing in five consecutive months.

At present, Gyirong Port has been recovering steadily and has gradually become the main channel for China-Nepal trade with the largest border trade volume in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. According to Lhasa Customs Agency, the total volume of import and export trade at Gyirong Port is increasing rapidly due to the Nepal market's active demand for Chinese commodities ever since it reopened on October 13, 2016.

During the first three quauters of 2016, the foreign trade in Tibet has taken on a continuously positive development trend. According to the statistics of Lhasa Customs, the total foreign trade volume of Gyirong Port is 3.871 billion yuan RMB, among which the gross import value is 1.685 billion yuan RMB, up 43.67 percent compared with the same period of last year.

According to statistics released by Lhasa Customs Agency, the cargoes exported at Gyirong Port are mainly agricultural and sideline products, various clothing, small household appliances and so on in the first quarter of this year. Besides, the cargoes imported at Gyirong Port are mainly brass statues, ornaments, textiles and so on from January to Semptember of this year. The total import and export quantity of Gyirong Port is 73,300 tons, a 44.73 times' increase year-on-year. The total value of import and export trade is 2.391 billion yuan RMB (about 346.9 million U.S dollars), a 21.19 times' increase compared with the same period of last year. The rapid growth of small-scaled border trade has effectively promoted the foreign trade development of Gyirong Port and laid a solid foundation for the port's further opening up.

According to the related officials of Lhasa Customs Agency, Gyirong Port has a good development prospect in the future. Since this year, Gyirong Customs Agency, which is subordinate to Lhasa Customs Agency, has been actively implementing various measures on promoting and stabilizing growth of Tibet's foreign trade. Currently, Gyirong Port has become one of the national first-class land trading ports established by the State Council. Moreover, it has normalized export activity at the China-Nepal border and got ready for being a "major avenue for opening up to South Asia".

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