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Lhasa High-tech Zone achieves remarkable success in economic development
    Date:11-24-2016 Source:chinatibetnews.com Author:Zhi Xinghua    

Nov. 24, 2016 -- According to the management committee of Lhasa High-tech Zone, by adhering to the overall tone of seeking development in steady, strengthening project construction and cultivating characteristic industries, its economic structure is optimized and becomes one of the most active economic sectors in Lhasa.

Economic indicators keep sustained and rapid growth

From January to September, the total output value of Lhasa High-tech Zone is 2.089 billion yuan, increasing 55.2% year on year and completing 91.5% of the annual task. By the end of October, fixed-asset investment is 6.59057 billion yuan, increasing 29.74% year on year and completing 97.12% of the annual task. The revenue of public finance budget is 533 million yuan, increasing 34.60% year on year and completing 87.38% of the annual task. Available funds of investment promotion and capital introduction is 4.64 billion yuan, increasing 20.71% year on year and completing 93.91% of the annual task. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents is 9962.54 yuan, increasing 6.23%. The number of newly registered enterprises is 830, increasing 116.71% year on year. The newly registered capital is 38.92036 billion yuan, increasing 135.31% year on year. The number of accumulatively registered enterprises is 2015 and the total registered capital is 78.874 billion yuan.

By the end of this year, it is expected that the total output vale of Lhasa High-tech Zone can reach 2.289 billion yuan, completing 100.3% of the annual task and increasing 22.41% year on year. The revenue of public finance budget can reach 610 million yuan, completing 100% of the annual task and increasing 15% year on year. The fixed-asset investment can reach 6.804 billion yuan, completing 100.3% of the annual task and increasing 17.88% year on year. Available funds of investment promotion and capital introduction can reach 4.989 billion yuan, completing 100.2% of the annual task and increasing 11% year on year.  Per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen can reach 11587.19 yuan, increasing 15% year on year.

Building economy booms

By exploiting potentialities and introducing enterprises , Lhasa High-tech Zone greatly develops building economy. In addition, commercial office buildings also attract a batch of enterprises. Therefore, industrial chain is gradually formed.

Apart from that, the core construction also makes solid progress. An investment of 300 million yuan on infrastructure construction is completed. Financial industry is gradually perfected. The infrastructure construction of Dondrup Financial Industrial Park is carried out steadily and it can be basically completed within this year. 

"Internet plus" economy develops rapidly

With the fact such as the operation of a series of electric business platforms, as well as the settlement of e-commence companies and high-tech industry parks, internet begins to deeply integrates with traditional industries, and the group aggregation of offline entity enterprises and online internet industries gradually promotes industrial transformation and upgrading.

By grasping development opportunities and with an investment of 250 million yuan, the mass creation space is put into use, providing comprehensive services such asresearch support, entrepreneurship guidance, investment and financing docking, propaganda and popularization to entrepreneurs.

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