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Tibet development through numbers
    Date:03-30-2009 Source:CCTV.com Author:    


Now let's take a look at Tibetan society, from the past to the present, with the help of some figures.

Life expectancy for Tibetans is now 67, almost double that of the 1950s.

Life expectancy for Tibetans is now 67, almost double that of the 1950s.

A census in 1953 showed the population at one million. It had risen to 2.8 million by the end of 2007. Among its permanent residents, more than 95 percent were Tibetans.

The illiteracy rate among young and middle-aged adults was 95 percent before 1951, but the figure is now way down at just 4.8 percent.

There used to be no roads in Tibet. But in 2007, there were nearly 50 thousand kilometers of roads throughout the region.

On July 1st 2006, the world's highest and longest railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway began operation.

The central government has allocated more than 700 million yuan, or 100 million US dollars, for the preservation of cultural relics in Tibet.

Over 1-thousand-4-hundred religious sites have been preserved and opened to the public.

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