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Exploring Sweet Teahouses Hidden in Your Tibet Tour
    Date:02-21-2017 Source: Author:Kunga    

Feb. 21, 2017 -- Before the first ray of sunshine sprinkling over the golden summit of Potala Palace, the sincere pilgrims have already finished their Barkor Kora and gotten into ancient sweet tea house for a warm drink to start their day of life. Tibetan sweet tea is to locals what coffee is to westerners. And the production process is not complicated: first, you need to boil the black tea with water, then stew them with milk powder and finally add sugar to enhance the flavor. What’s interesting is that even if it’s cooked with the same ingredients, the taste of sweet tea would vary greatly from house to house. Bu do you really know where to try this classic drink in your Tibet tour? Amid the large number of caffs in Lhasa, I’ll recommend top nine sweet tea houses for you to stop by.


Feb. 21, 2017 -- Tibet tea house, a place to explore local life

1. Lhasa Langsai Antique City

On an idle afternoon, you can take your time to Langsai Antique City. Under the brilliant blue sky, you cannot find a trace of white clouds but catch a glimpse of Jokhang Monastery shinning in the sun. Besides, it’s an excellent spot to appreciate the magnificent Potala Palace and lofty mountains in the distance. Just imagine the scene that lazily leaning on the chair, you are chatting with your friends over a pot of fragrant sweet tea . What a cozy Lhasa tour it is!

Feb. 21, 2017 -- Two pilgrims are waiting for their sweet tea in Lhasa Langsai Antique City.

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Exploring Sweet Teahouses Hidden in Your Tibet Tour
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