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Tibetan language trainings held in Tibet Library for free

A series of Tibetan language trainings were held in the library of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region recently to popularize the knowledge of Tibetan culture, Chinatibetnews.com reported.

Tibetan language training well-received in Lhasa

Padma Kelsang, professor of the Cultural and Historical Records Committee of the CPPCC Tibet Autonomous Region searches for documents for writing teaching plans

Prefecture promotes Tibetan language among government workers

As a holder of an MA degree, Wu Manzhong never imagined his career in the government would start in a Tibetan language class. Sitting in a classroom in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China's Gansu Province, Wu followed his teacher's instructions to write Tibetan words. The language has become an important skill to Wu since he took a job as a government worker in Gannan's Diebu County this summer.

Tibet standardizes usage of Tibetan language in social life

In order to promote the usage of Tibetan language, the office of Tibetan Language Working Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region(TAR) was established, which has finished the revise and release of 7000 new Tibetan phrases,60000 technical terms and 120000 computer words, reported by Chinanews.com.

Usage and preservation of Tibetan language speed up

The year 2013 has witnessed inspiring achievements in preserving and developing the spoken and written Tibetan language. At present, primary schools in all farming and pastoral areas and some urban areas use both Tibetan and Chinese in teaching, but mostly Tibetan for the major courses. Middle schools also use both languages, and Tibetan classes in middle schools in inland areas also have lessons in Tibetan.
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