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The Lama Mani tradition - the telling of Buddhist parables through song — dates back to the 12th century. The songs were performed by wandering storytellers, who travelled from village to village, drawing on their own often humble origins to relate to people from all backgrounds.

Popular and Modern

Tibetans have a very strong popular-music culture, and are also well represented in Chinese popular culture. Tibetan singers are particularly known for their strong vocal abilities, which many attribute to the high altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau. Tseten Dolma rose to fame in the 1960s for her music-and-dance suite "The Earth is Red".

Tibetan music on track

The Tibet Philharmonic Orchestra has antiquated instruments and problems rehearsing but nevertheless gave a standout performance at the ongoing Spring of Symphony Festival

A dream of music in Tibet

Some people have dreams of becoming a rock star, but others just want to inspire through their music. Today we'll meet a young Tibetan musician, who used to be a famous singer-songwriter in Lhasa, but has given up his solo career to let more people get closer to their dreams.

Tibetan composer: Tibet, cradel of my music creation

Menang Dorje, dubbed as "Musical prince of Tibet", has composed dozens of popular songs that go on and on, like "Yearning for Holy Hawk", "Mt. Qomolangma, "Kham Man" and so on. By far, he has melodized more than 200 songs, some has grasped medals in domestic musical competition.

Well-received Tibetan singing gala

The Tibetan singing gala is a high-level talent show program sponsored by China's SCTV1 (the satellite TV broadcasting in China's central Sichuan province). The gala aims to carry forward Tibetan singing and its culture. It is the first of its kind in China and well-known among audiences for its strong national flavor.
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