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Grassroots medicine benefits Tibetans in NW China

Since October, northwest China's Qinghai Province has been running a diagnosis and treatment grading system which encourages patients to go to local health centers for minor illness such as colds and chronic diseases including diabetes and coronary heart disease. They should go county-level hospitals for small surgery like an appendectomy and to prefecture or provincial hospitals for the most serious problems.

China makes key progress in Tibetan medicine study

Chinese scientists said great progress has been made in quality control technologies and standardization of traditional Tibetan medicine after 20 years of research. A total of 264 criteria for Tibetan medicine processing have been completed since the "key technologies and applications in Tibetan medicine quality control" program was launched in 1993, said Wei Lixin, one of the project's researchers.

Tibetan medicine introduced in museum

Photo shows a Thangka painting describing the portrait of Changpa Namgyal Drasang, a famous medical scientist and the founder of the northern school of Tibetan medicine of 15th century, during inland China's Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.).

4th national advanced Tibetan medicine training class held in Beijing

The fourth national advanced Tibetan medicine training class was launched in Beijing on Nov. 1, 2013, which gathered nearly 100 trainees from the Tibetan-inhabited areas in China. It is reported that this year's theme is "Tibetan medicine and Jingjing Pharmacopoeia" as in a lecture given by Gawu, professor of Traditional Tibetan Medicine of Tibet University.

Tibetan medicine, treasure of the snowy land

As one of the world's four traditional medicines, the Tibetan medicine originated from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the 7th century, has been well known in neighboring countries such as Nepal, Mongolia, Russia, Bhutan and India as well as European countries in the 8th century.
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