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Leap-frog development of Tibet's education

The decadent and declining feudal serf system was abolished in Tibet on Mar.28th, 1959, which meant that millions of serfs finally had rights to receive education.

Tibet's education ushered into information age

With the popularization of educational informationization, Tibet's education has entered the information era, and the traditional teaching method "blackboard and chalk" has changed greatly, according to Xinhua report.

Tibet to raise education subsidy standard

Southwestern China's Tibet plans to raise its education subsidy standard again this autumn, the Xinhua News Agency reported. According to the Education Department of Tibet, every student could receive 2,700 yuan (440.37 US dollar) in each school year as the standard for "Three Guarantee" Policy has increased to 200 yuan (32.62 US dollar).

Education dream of a Tibetan headmaster

"I hope the Tongga Language School can be changed into the Tongga Language University in the future," said Tenzin Dhondup, headmaster of the Tongga Language School of Lhasa. In 1994, Tenzin Dhondup opened his first full-time Tibetan class in Lhasa, teaching at home, and that was the embryo of the Tongga Language School.

Education development in Gannan makes record high

Education in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of northwest China's Gansu Province has made a leapfrog development during the past 5 years, trumping the total achievements of the last 40 years, according to the provincial department of education.
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