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Ranwu Lake in early winter

Ranwu Lake in early winter

Ecological beauty of Tibet in winter

There is no need to fear that Tibet is cold and lacks oxygen in winter. According to data provided by Meteorological Bureau of Lhasa, the average winter oxygen content is 63 percent, only 3 percent less than that in summer. Besides, Lhasa is warmer compared with its counterparts in northern China.

Snow ushered in nip of winter in Lhasa

With snow dancing two days in a row, the cold nip of winter has been ushered in to the old city of Lhasa, according to China Tibet Online.

Winter on top of Gangkar Riwo Mountain in spring

Gangkar Riwo Mountain, or "Minya Konka", locates around 30° north latitude. With 45 peaks at an elevation of over 6,000m, Gangkar Mountain has both spring and winter from the foot to the top. The snow-line of Gangkar Mountain is around 4,600 to 4,700 meters. Owing to the ocean monsoon, Gangkar Mountain grows plenty glaciers with the longest glacier in Hailuogou Valley being 14.2 km.

Winter Tibet in lens

Because of the high altitude and shortage of oxygen, Tibet in the southwestern part of China, is known as snow-covered area in winter and a winter tour there is taken no account of by many tourists. However, we still suggest our readers should plan a winter trip in Tibet for its breathtaking winter scenery.
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