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Good harvest in Tibet

Photo shows the sea of multi-colored highland barley in Takhang Village of Yamda Township, Tohlung Dechen county of Lhasa, capital of Tibet, Sept.23, 2013.

An acquaintance with Shigatze in harvest season

In autumn, Tibet is a golden world in most areas, especially Shigatze Prefecture which is considered as the "barn of Tibet". Since the beginning of September, highland barley and wheat growers have started their annual crop harvesting, presenting an idyllic view which is exclusively Tibetan.

Tibetans hail bumper harvest of highland barley

When the autumn approaches in Tibet's Nagqu Prefecture, farmlands have gradually become dyed by the golden highland barley ears, and people living on the northern Tibetan Plateau become busy to embrace another good harvest this year.

Tibet embraces harvest season

Farmers reap highland barley with the harvester in Tarkham Village, Tsoshung Township, Shigatze Prefecture of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Sept. 7, 2013. Since the beginning of September, highland barley and wheat growers from villages of Nianchu River drainage basin of Shigatze Prefecture have started their annual crop harvesting.

Time to harvest highland barley in Tibet

Photo shows the highland barley ears piled in the farmland after being harvested.

Tibetan villages celebrate harvest of highland barley

As autumn gradually approaches, all counties across the Lhasa city, Tibet Autonomous Region are embracing the harvest season for highland barley and are celebrating it by holding the traditional Ongkor Festival (Bumper Harvest Festival).

Tibet: Useful machines, good harvest

Recently, the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Qiongjie County, Shannan Prefecture provided the farmers of Xiashui Village with the first batch of agricultural machines, successfully having achieved the mission of providing 151 machines in the first stage of the machine-delivery program, bringing benefits to over 1,200 people.
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