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Another five routes to be opened for 2017 summer season
    Date:03-22-2017 Source:chinatibetnews.com Author:Megan    

March 22,2017--Tibet Airlines will execute the summer season flights from March 26, 2017. Moreover, it will open more hot air routes, including Lanzhou (capital of Gansu Province) to Lijiang to Kunming (capital of Yunnan Province) flights, Chengdu to Tianjin to Changchun flights, Chengdu to Xining to Yushu flights, Chengdu to Lanzhou flights, and Mianyang toChangsha flights.

TV6007 from Lanzhou (capital of Gansu Province) to Lijiang to Kunming (capital of Yunnan Province) is a single daily flight. It takes off at 08:05 from Lanzhou, arrives in Lijiang at 10:00. Then, it reflies from Lijiang at 10:45 and arrives in Kunming at 11:45. The returning fight TV6008 is Kunming (13:20) to Lijiang(14:20), Lijiang(15:05) to Lanzhou(17:00) everyday.

TV9877 from Chengdu to Tianjin to Changchun is also a single daily flight. It takes off at 06:20 from Chengdu, arrives in Tianjin at 08:50. Then, it reflies from Tianjin at 09:50 and arrives in Changchun at 11:30. The returning fight TV9878 is Chengdu(18:45) to Tianjin(20:35), Tianjin(21:35) to Changchun(00:35+1) everyday.

TV9895 from Chengdu to Xining to Yushu flies every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It takes off at 08:35 from Chengdu, arrives in Xining at 10:25. Then, it reflies from Xining at 11:05 and arrives in Yushu at 12:25. The returning fight TV9896 is Yushu(13:05) to Xining(14:30), Xining(15:15) to Chengdu(16:45).

TV9885 from Chengdu to Lanzhou is a single daily flight. It takes off at 21:20 from Chengdu, arrives in Lanzhou at 22:50. The returning fight TV9886 is Lanzhou(20:10) to Chengdu(21:45) everyday.

TV9909 from Mianyang to Changsha is a single daily flight as well. It takes off at 07:10 from Mianyang, arrives in Changsha at 08:45. The returning fight TV9910 is Changsha(22:20) to Mianyang(23:20) everyday.

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