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Photo exhibition on Tibet and Xinjian...
A photo exhibition on the development achievements of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was held in Bern, Sw...
Spectacular starry night in Shigatse,...
An ancient castle in Gyangze county in Shigatse, Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region under the Milky Way in November, 2016.
Practical operation promotes employment
At present, the specialized courses of Lhasa Second Secondary Vocational and Technical School have been increased to over 30 courses including n...
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·Heating system at highest altitude starts operation i...
·Output value of Thangka exceeds 100m yuan this year
·Yak-Themed Culture exhibition to be held in Beijing
·Ngari's 2rd livestock products trade fair
·Winter tour to 'Sleepless City' along the Lhasa River
·First Guangzhou-South Asia freight train arrives in L...
·Tibet to apply for 35 geographical indication protect...
·Tibet airport handles over 3 mln passengers
·Tibet’s 3 counties selected as national rural touris...
·Ecotourism becomes leading industry in Tibet's Nyingchi
·No casualties reported from Tibet earthquake
·Tibet Museum to be closed for 3 to 5 years
 Editors' Picks
·Over 100,000 Tibetan antelopes m...
·Tibetan delegation visits Australia
·"Litaqin" ceremony held in Tibet...
·Tibetan delegation visits South ...
·Tibetan cultural exchange delega...
G20 summit
·Tibetan Thangka
·Prefecture Promotes Usage of Tibe...
·Commentary: Washington should stop playing "Tibet...
·Dalai's 'democracy' facade over theocracy
·Government line on religions wins support from fa...
·China Voice: Serfdom-free Tibet marches toward gr...
·Dalai Lama's "middle way" a deceit
·True Tibet in eyes of Western scholars
·China decries groundless human rights accusations
·Exiled living Buddha returns, snubs leader
·50 years on: Tibetans celebrate TAR's golden age
·White paper reaffirms living Buddha policy
·Dalai Lama can't deny China central government's ...
 Facts & Figures
·Tibet covered by 88.2 mln hectares of grassland
·The grain output of Lhoka to exceed 164000 tons
·Tibet Airlines opens seven new routes
·The grain output of Lhoka to exceed 164000 tons
·Tibet’s transportation card applicable to 100 citi...
·170 library service points have been built by Tibet...
·Tibet receives 21 mln tourists in past 9 months
·6.2-magnitude quake jolts NW China's Qinghai
·Qinghai Province to build 400 cultural exchange sta...
·Tibet: 682 towns achieve full coverage of optical n...
·Lhasa sees 13.8 bln yuan in tourism revenue from Ja...
·Western China's history, life and cul...
·This year's whitewash of the Potala P...
·Tibet palace facelift
·A fresh look for a historic structure
·Bilingual education in Ganzi Prefecture
 Tibet Today
·Full text: The Right to Development: China's Philos...
·Wu Yingjie elected CPC chief of Tibet
·China urges Mongolia to eliminate negative impacts ...
·Chinese NPC Tibetan delegation visited Mongolia, Sr...
·Chinese delegation ends visit to Myanmar
·Heating system at highest altitude starts operation...
·Winter tour to 'Sleepless City' along the Lhasa River
·First Guangzhou-South Asia freight train arrives in...
·Tibet to apply for 35 geographical indication prote...
·Tibet airport handles over 3 mln passengers
·Monks get a greater sense of gain in Tibet
·Tibetan monks livelihood greatly improved
·404 Tibetan Buddhist monks participate in academic ...
·China to ban religious profiteering
·CPC official calls for better religious work
·Yak-Themed Culture exhibition to be held in Beijing
·Ngari's 2rd livestock products trade fair
·Total foreign trade volume of Gyirong Port soaring ...
·Tibet: Input on intangible culture protection to in...
·Tibet launches online commodity trading platform
·Yak-Themed Culture exhibition to be held in Beijing
·Tibetan culture goes to Texas
·"Experience Culture of Western China”opens in Houston
·Tibet's culture industry develops at a faster pace
·A fresh look for a historic structure
·Namtso to get frozen in Jan
·Legbo Valley creates “natural oxygen bar” tourism...
·China's Hol Xil reviewed for world heritage applica...
·Space technologies introduced for ecological monito...
·China Focus: Environment improved at Yangtze' headw...
 History & Truth
Tibet Separatists Activities
·Violent tendency of Dalai clique gains support from Western forces
·Tibetan separatists release false info to incite violence
·Advocacy of self-immolations exposes Dalai clique's anxiety
The Historical Truth
·What marks peaceful liberation of Tibet?
·Q&A: Tibet and the Chinese Revolution of 1911
·Origin of the titles Dalai and Panchen
Dalai & Bainqen
·The 14th Dalai Lama
·Is the 14th Dalai Lama really merciful?
·Dalai Lama's announcement of "retirement" a farce, living buddha says
·Tibet to greet 3rd session of 18th Party congress...
·Princess Wencheng and auspicious locations
·Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng
·Where would Divine King go?
·Tibet's history during Yuan Dynasty
·Tibet's history during Qing Dynasty
·Tibet's history during Tang Dynasty
·Tibet: 700 years under central government
·Full Text: Progress in China's Human Rights in 2013
·Development and Progress of Tibet (October 2013)
·Sixty Years Since Peaceful Liberation of Tibet (Jul...
·Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet (March 2009)
·Full Text: National Human Rights Action Plan of Chi...
·Sitting-in-the-bed of the 11th Panchen Erdeni
·Full text: Press Communiqué between China and France
·Full Text: Report on the Economic and Social Develo...
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